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Frequently Asked JEOL Software Questions

Quantitative and Standard Analysis
How does one set the beginning and ending points of the scan when using Area Mode in Quantitative Analysis?
Why are the parameters that were just determined for the Area Mode not being used by the Quantitative Analysis program?
While running quantitative analyses, the user has the option of doing peak searches at selected points. However, if the counts for a given element are too low, the software will skip the peak search for that element. What are the threshold values below which the software will not do the peak search?
How can bad data points be removed from standard or quantitative analyses when multiple accumulations are being used?
How are the "K(%)" and "K-raw(%)" values calculated in the JEOL Quantitative Analysis program?
How does the JEOL software calculate "K(%)" when multiple spectrometers are being used for a single element?
How do you change the number of significant digits in the Quantitative Analysis or Summary programs?
When using the "Quant Background" function, how can I make sure that it only changes the background in the element conditions that I am using and not in the other setups for the same element?
Why doesn't the standard, that I just standardize on, show up in the Quantitative Analysis, Standard Condition window?

Imaging and Map Analysis
How does one display the locations of quantitative or line analyses on an electron image or element map?
Image files can be automatically compressed before they are saved to the disk. How can this option be switched on or off?
How does one set up a Freeshape Map?
Guide-net maps will sometimes not stitch together properly, and will have either gaps or overlaps between the frames. What is the problem?
How can I convert the binary map, line or spectra data into an ASCII format?
How can I extract the counts along a line from a map?

Miscellaneous Topics
How can I save the data from the chart recorder?
Case Studies